How It Works

Silver Dollar Financial believes that it is in our clients’ best interest to keep the lending process as simple and straightforward as possible. You and your family need pre-settlement funding while you wait for your personal injury claim to resolve, and we are here to help.

Your Money Is Just a Few Clicks Away

We use a three-step process that only requires one simple step from you: application.

Step 1
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Apply for Your Loan

Before we can approve your loan, we’ll need to know a little about you. Using the form provided on our website, fill in your name, contact information, the law firm representing you, the firm’s contact information, and some additional information about your case and financial

Step 2
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We Check Out Your Application

Our team will review your application and discuss the details with your attorney. During this time, we may need some additional documentation from your lawyer in order to properly assess your claim. Your credit score is not part of the review process! Once we have the information we need, we’ll let you know whether you have been approved. This step can take as little as 24 hours.

Step 3
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You Get Your Money

If you are approved, we will hand over the cash you need as soon as possible. Silver Dollar Financial can provide you with as much as $100,000 from your pending settlement amount. You can use this money as you wish, paying for any expenses that crop up while your
claim is still resolving.

Worried About Repayment? Don’t Be.

Our business is helping you handle your business. You don’t have to stress over extreme repayment contracts. Instead, you only pay us back if you obtain your settlement.

Essentially, a pre-settlement loan like the funding provided by Silver Dollar Financial is a way for you to pull money forward from your final settlement so that you can use it NOW. When you get paid, that’s when you are able to pay us back from your settlement amount.



If you are currently settling a personal injury claim and it seems like the other party is dragging their feet, don’t let your financial stability suffer. Fill out our online application today and get the money you need in as little as 24 hours!